What Do We Buy

We buy any type of used office furniture and equipments, ferrous and non-ferrous metals ranging from steel cuts constructional scrap salvage aluminum, copper, stainless steel, production waste that can be used in any form, the list goes on, so if you have scrap that you need a price for call us today for an up to date no obligation quotation. We guarantee you’ll get paid for what you give us – and not a scrap less.

We purchase and collect scrap material from customers throughout Karachi. Including:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Utility Companies
  • Commercial Sector Services
  • Private Customers


We understand the sensitivity of some manufacturing processes and the need for prompt scrap collections. Our drivers will be there to collect your scrap and redundant metal when you want them, 7 days a week. With speed and efficiency we’ll make sure you’re never left waiting.


VORSON give competitive prices for your scrap. We pay the best prices and no matter how the market fluctuates we ensure that you always get the top rates. The massive volume of scrap we purchase coupled to our extensive dealing ensures you realize the maximum from your scrap.