New Air Conditioner

Team VORSON comprises of proficient managers, supervisors and technicians who are fully equipped to accomplish your HVAC projects, test and commission, operate and maintained it as well as providing new HVAC Systems in a very competitive rates.

VORSON’s objective is to deliver finest and competitive HVAC solution at your doorstep. We intends to furnish our clients with the HVAC units that fits their requirement, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. Moreover if you require a new AC Unit for your residence, office or show room, we are able to offer a range of AC sizes and makes to suit your requirement.

VORSON HVAC trading business is unlimited in any specific brand, and by virtue of leading suppliers and Exclusive arrangements, we can offer multiple options to our clients of HVAC models where possible.

We are delivering best possible advice and comparison with regards to selecting brand and technology for HVAC units as per client’s requirement.

After the installation of new HVAC unit we offer a preventive maintenance program to meet your requirements. Our preventive maintenance program delivers planned maintenance to keep your asset help preventive expensive failure, extend the life of equipment and save energy cost.