Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Save your valuable assets – get them maintained by experienced technical professionals .

VORSON is one of the top quality service providers of air-conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services.

The Maintenance team of VORSON have trained and experienced technicians, can install, repair or offer maintenance service to all major models of air conditioning units. We know that your time is more valuable, so we are dedicated to help you get the work done as per your schedule. We also offer 24 hour emergency services, so you can contact us to fix any problem in your HVAC system at any time you need.

Our objective is to ensure our customers’ air conditioning operates reliably and efficiently, minimizing their overall costs, as well as providing a comfortable environment for employees, customers and visitors.

Why should you have your air conditioning system regularly maintained by VORSON?

  • To ensure minimal risk of defects to your equipment.
  • Reduce your energy bills by reducing power consumption
  • Finding potential problems before turning into major faults
  • To make sure your equipment is hygienic.
  • To maximize the life expectancy of your equipment.